SG(B)10~18 Un-packede H Grede Dry Transformer

SGB10 series the encapsulation H level dry type transformer adopt (Germany) MORA dry type transformer special technology, make products fully meet the fire waterproof and meet the requirements of environment protection. It is the ideal product distribution system, widely used in the subway, ships, mining, chemical, electric power enterprise and staff of dense buildings, etc. Various kinds of fire safety have special requirements occasion.

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Technical Data

Performance Characteristics

SG(B) Series Un-packede H Grede Dry Transformer Performance characteristics 1.Heat condition is good, hot long life, strong ability of self-learning, over load in over load, IP45 120% long-term conditions witnout forced air cooling, can long-term full load operation. 2.High security and flame retardant performance °C high temperature, at 800 when combustion without smoke long production. 3.Strong resistance to strike capability in-50℃(can immediately add full load). 4.100% waterproof sealing, excellent hydrophobic, moistureproof sex. 5.Unique coil structure and strong field calculation, make products produced almost no partial discharge. 6.Low loss, remarkable energy saving, and has developed SC9 series dry type transformer 10% lower than average no-load loss, load loss by 5 per cent. 7.After life cycle can easily will insulating materials and copper separation recycling, not pollute the environment.

Structure Characteristics

1.The unique porcelain insulation structure, adopt MORA company insulation and high frequency ceramic cylinder cushion block, never deformation. 2.High and low coil NOMEX insulating materials with first, and approved by VIP vacuum pressure equipment repeatedly dipping special formula, and many insulation class H, external use high strength after roasting insulation material, and high temperature curing sealed. High-pressure coil adopts high mechanical strength, thermal conditions good continuous type structure. 3.Core impored superior high performance magnetic eduction line of outfit and become, stepping type 45° full inclined structure, winding and core using elastic fixtures, make transformer has low no-load loss and noise. After the special craft processing core surface. By pull iron screw moderate clamping, up, or down clip pieces from pull motherboard connections with base, winding and for one, the winding through fixed elastic cushion block fixed, buffer structure can reduce the vibration intensity and reduce windings noises. 4.Lead outlet terminals fixed in winding, points joints in winding upper DiYaXian terminals for board type central, conductive row, and cold-pressing welding.

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